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Appointment Booking System for Retail Stores

Offer a selection of services and events to your customers to increase website and in-store sales, as well as increasing customer loyalty.

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    Stef 经营者,德国 - 2020 四月

    “我们是一间在地的时装服饰店,透过导入 安排预约试穿”,现在,客户可以直接在线预约,进入商店后,我们将安排时装顾问亲自提供服务。在疫情持续蔓延的时代,这样的互联网云端集成,帮助我们:吸引更多客户、尽可能提供安全且高品质的服务给客户。 操作简单,若您想进一步了解设置细节,也能快速找到客户支援团队协助!优质的排程软体&优质的服务&合理的价格!

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    Great Customisable Booking System. Highly Recommend AAA

    Jane, Blue Spinach - May 2021

    “Functionality and customization would be the key features for us. Ease of use and communication. Integration was easy and we use this software every day in our business. It is an integral part of our daily operations. To sum it up ...Excellent. Absolutely love this product”

Retail & Shopping Centre Scheduling

Increase your customer engagement and customer loyalty by providing a scheduling tool for all the retail services and events you offer.

Offer a multichannel experience by enabling your customers to book online and bridge the gap between online browsers and the in-mall shopper experience to increase footfall, shopping time, loyalty, and spending. Bookable services are a great way to get to know your clients better and keep in contact more easily into the future.

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Why use

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    Rapid implementation

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    Admin App to manage all events, services and bookings easily

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    Issue Tickets and scan them via the admin app on arrival.

  • Payment icon

    Offer clients payment options on booking

  • Gift cards icon

    Sell gift cards and packaged service bundles online.

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    Get information from your clients upon booking to get to know them better

  • Promotion icon

    Send your clients offers and promotions based on past interactions

  • Notification icon

    Send automatic emails or sms as reminders or to encourage repeat visits

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    Used by retail stores to facilitate client interaction with services and events

Offer your clients outstanding service

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  • Customised booking widget for your website

  • Showcase the services and events you have to offer

  • Drive website conversion and increase footfall with convenient bookings from your website, social media or online ads.

  • Build customer loyalty with improved services

  • Enable your customers to book a call, visit, or even a video meeting with individual stores.

  • Provide a tailored service according to customer needs by gathering relevant details upon booking.

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