Online booking system for Nutritionists & Health Coaches

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Empower Your Wellness Practice

Simplify bookings for Nutritionists and Health Coaches

As the wellness industry evolves, both nutritionists and health coaches require a robust system to manage their expanding online and onsite clientele.

With, leave behind traditional booking hurdles, send clients automatic notifications but you can also collect deposits upfront, reducing cancellations and no-shows, all while embracing a seamless online booking system tailored for your unique needs.

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Reflect Your Unique Brand

We both offer booking website or booking widget if you already have a website

No matter whether you need a booking website or a booking widget we have got you covered. Ensure your booking site mirrors your brand. With, choose from a variety of templates that can be adapted to echo the ethos of your nutrition or health coaching brand.

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A Unified Booking Experience

Delight clients with your own Branded Client App

Offer your clients the utmost convenience to book, pay, reschedule, or cancel appointments on-the-go using the client app. Amplify your brand's presence by personalising the app, assuring a unified and consistent experience.

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Mobility Meets Management

Ultimate control with the Admin App

Whether at a seminar or a workshop, stay on top of your appointments, view client details, and adjust your schedule on-the-move. The admin app is the comprehensive tool every nutritionist and health coach needs.

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Seamless and Secure Payments

Streamlined payment solutions with

Offer your clients a plethora of secure payment options. From onsite to online payments, facilitate hassle-free transactions, enhancing client trust and satisfaction for both nutritionists and health coaches.


Features Tailored for Wellness Professionals

Comprehensive tools designed for you

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Boost Your Revenue Streams

Expand offerings with

Encourage clients to purchase packages, gift cards, or avail unique promotional coupons. provides a holistic platform designed to magnify business growth for both nutritionists and health coaches.

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Create Customer Loyalty

Engage and promote effortlessly

Nurture your relationships with clients through regular updates, promotions, and meaningful engagement using Ensure lasting relationships and repeat consultations by using to communicate with your clientele.

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Data-Driven Growth

In-depth reporting for strategy formulation

Gain insights into your business trends, understand client behaviors, and make informed strategies to scale your nutrition or health coaching practice with's comprehensive reports

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Our Super Heroes – Our Live Chat Support

24/5 live chat support by

Queries, doubts, or need assistance? Our chat support heroes are on standby, ensuring your journey with our platform is smooth.

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Ответы на вопросы


Is the system easy to set up?

We aim to offer a self-service system setup, but if you need any help, our online Live chat team is available 24h during the workweek. In addition, we provide an extensive Help Center, In-system search, and multiple YouTube tutorials to guide you if needed.


Is the system easy to use?

Our booking system for Nutritionists and Health Coaches is designed for user-friendliness. Your clients will appreciate the intuitive interface and the client app. As a practitioner, you'll benefit from a straightforward management dashboard and our admin app, allowing you to manage your practice on the go.


Can integrate with our existing website?

Absolutely! Seamlessly integrate with your existing website, Google Business Profile, Facebook, and Instagram. Our system enhances your online presence and makes appointment bookings smoother.


How customisable is for Nutritionists and Health Coaches?

Start by choosing from 20 customizable booking website/widget templates, designed to reflect your unique brand. Our software is versatile, accommodating the distinct needs and schedules of both Nutritionists and Health Coaches.


Is mobile-friendly? Can bookings be made via mobiles?

To cater to modern lifestyles, our system is fully mobile-optimised, and we also offer a branded client app. Bookings can easily be made and managed from any mobile device, anytime, anywhere.


How secure is the system? What measures are in place to protect our data and our clients' data?

We take data security seriously and are proud to be ISO27001 certified. Be confident that both your and your clients' data are protected by top-tier standards.


What kind of customer support and training are available?

We're committed to ensuring your success. Alongside comprehensive video tutorials and our Help Center, we offer 24/5 customer support with an average response time of 13 seconds. On weekends, our team responds to emails twice daily.


What's the cost structure? Are there any hidden fees? Is the pricing adaptable as our practice grows?

We value transparency and growth. Depending on your booking volume and feature preferences, we offer various subscription plans. As you explore the system, you'll see how to maximise its potential to expand your Nutritionist or Health Coaching practice. Unlike many platforms, we have no hidden fees and no commission costs.


Does the system offer valuable reporting and analytics features to manage and grow our practice?

Certainly! Utilise the robust reporting and analytics tools of to gain insights into your practice's performance and growth trajectory.


What do other clubs say about your system? Can we see some testimonials or case studies?

Yes! We love to showcase our tennis and padel club clients! The scheduling system works perfectly for court bookings. Read the Spazio padel Club Case Study and from Tennishollin, Iceland´s biggest tennis club.