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Welcome to SimplyBook.me, your perfect online court booking system for tennis, padel, squash, and other racquet sports clubs. Experience seamless court management with our platform, enabling clients to book courts, buy tennis lessons, book tennis kids club, purchase memberships , and process payments at their convenience.

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Seamless Member Experience with Branded Client App

Empower Your Clients to Easily Rebook Courts

Elevate your tennis club's brand with your own branded client app, providing an enhanced booking experience and club loyalty for your members. They can conveniently view court availability, book slots, and stay updated on club news and promotions.

Flexible Booking Options and Membership Management

Sell More with SimplyBook.me

Take control of your club membership offerings and court bookings. Sell membership, packages, tennis products, tennis private lessons or individual court bookings to suit the needs of your players. Set booking restrictions, limit outstanding bookings, and manage court availability. With SimplyBook.me, you have the power to tailor your club's booking system to your unique requirements.

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Iceland´s biggest tennis club started to use the SimplyBook.me scheduling app a few years ago and currently only take bookings via the system.


What do you like the most about SimplyBook.me?

It’s super easy to use for us, and it runs smoothly. Clients love to be able to book a court whenever the idea hits them and to pay online. So then the only thing left to do is to show up and enjoy playing tennis!”

See how Tennishollin, Iceland's Largest Tennis Club, Transformed their Booking Process in this case study.

Effortless Communication and Promotions

Connect and Engage with Your Clients

Strengthen your Tennis, padel or squash club's member communication with SimplyBook.me's intuitive tools.

  • Send blast campaigns to inform members when a court becomes available
  • Offer spots on a waiting list for fully booked days
  • Sell gift cards or tennis products through the platform
  • Communicate with your clients directly from your admin app to their client app with push notifications
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Comprehensive Reports for Informed Decision-Making

Gain Valuable Insights into Your Raquet Club's Performance

Take your tennis club business to new heights with our comprehensive reports. Analyze booking trends, revenue, and member activity to make informed decisions. Gain a better overview of your club's performance, identify growth opportunities, and optimize your operations. With our powerful reporting features, you will have the data you need to drive your club’s success.

Customize Your Own Tennis or Squass Club Booking website

Разработайте профессиональный и индивидуальный вид для своего сайта бронирования. Выбирайте из наших прекрасных новых шаблонов те, которые подходят Вашему бренду. Вы даже можете выбрать наиболее удобный для ваших клиентов способ отображения доступных для бронирования позиций, например, по классу, времени или персоналу.

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The Perfect Features for Tennis, Padel and Squash Clubs

Those are the most common features used by our Tennis, Padel and Squash club clients all around the world.


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    Бронирования в Facebook и Instagram
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  • promotion icon
    Купоны и Подарочные карты
  • client_login icon
    Логин клиента
  • membership icon
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    Сопутствующие товары
  • classes icon
  • paid_attributes icon
    Платные приложения к сервису
  • package icon
  • On-Site Payments with POS icon
  • online_payment icon
    Онлайн Платежи
  • google_business icon
    Google Мой бизнес
  • admin_app icon
    Приложение администратора
  • client_app icon
    Клиентское приложение
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    Настраиваемые электронные письма
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One of Cyprus´s first Padel clubs, started to use the system recently and love the ease of using it. We met up with Constantinos, the owner of Spazio, to see how they have successfully implemented SimplyBook.me and the impact it has had on their business operations and customer experience.

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Q&A with Constantinos Constantinou Spazio owner
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What do you like the most about SimplyBook.me?

Q: What do you like the most about SimplyBook.me?

A: We like the easy way we programmed it to our needs and the big list of choices that we can use. It's a great tool and makes our life easier.

See how Spazio´s experience with the system has been and why they recommend it to other padel clubs in our case study.

Q: Why did you decide to go with SimplyBook.me?

A: After we decided to find a booking site, we did a survey on the Internet to find the best booking site. And from all the sites we tried, SimplyBook.me was the easiest and simple, and it covers all of our criteria.

Q: Do you use the admin app?

A: We do use the admin app. It’s a great tool in our hands.

Q: Do you ask your clients to download the client app to facilitate recurring bookings?

A: We recommend our clients download the app because it’s easier for them to access their bookings and control them

Q: Would you recommend SimplyBook.me to your friends?

A: We already recommended Simplybook.me not only to our friends but to businesses like us who also wanted a booking system for their business. 

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Ответы на вопросы


Is the system easy to set up?

We aim to offer a self service system setup, but if you need any help we have our online Live chat team working 24h during the working week with an average response time of 13 seconds. On top of that we offer extensive Help Center, In system search as well as multiple YouTube tutorials to help you out if needed.


Is the system easy to use?

Our tennis, padel, and squash club booking system is designed to deliver a user-friendly experience. Your club members will appreciate the intuitive interface and the client app. Administrators will benefit from a straightforward management dashboard as well as our admin app where you can manage your club on the go.


Can the system integrate with our existing website?

With the ability to integrate seamlessly with your club's existing website and popular platforms like Google Business Profile, Facebook and Instagram, our system can boost your online presence and streamline bookings.


How customisable is your tennis club booking system?

First of all you can choose between 20 customisable booking website/widget templates that you can truly tailor to your tennis, padel club brand. Offering a suite of versatile features, our scheduling software can be tailored to accommodate the unique needs and schedules of your tennis or padel club.


Is the system mobile-friendly, can bookings be made via mobiles

Catering to the modern, on-the-go lifestyles of your members, our system is fully mobile-friendly and on top of that we provide you with your own branded client app. Bookings can be easily made and managed from any smartphone or tablet, anytime, anywhere.


How secure is the system? What measures are in place to protect our club's and our members' data?

We prioritize data security and are proud to be ISO27001 certified. Rest assured, your club's and members' data will be protected by the best in the business.


What kind of customer support and training are available?

Committed to your success, our team provides comprehensive video tutorials and extensive help center on top of providing 24/5 customer support with average response time of 13 seconds. On weekends we reply to emails two times a day.


What's the cost structure? Are there any hidden fees? Is the pricing scalable as our club grows?

We want you to feel that you are getting value for your money and want to grow with your business. That's why we offer different subscription plans depending on how many bookings and features you need. Our system is highly customisable, offering a great variety of features, and with time you will see how you can maximize the use of the system to help your racquet club grow. There are no hidden fees and NO commissions like many other booking systems on the market entail.


Does the system provide useful reporting and analytics features to help us manage and grow our tennis club?

Leverage the powerful reporting and analytics tools of SimplyBook.me to gain valuable insights into your club's operations and growth potential.


What do other clubs say about your system? Can we see some testimonials or case studies?

Yes! We love to showcase our tennis and padel club clients! The SimplyBook.me scheduling system works perfectly for court bookings. Read the Spazio padel Club Case Study and from Tennishollin, Iceland´s biggest tennis club.

Our Super Heroes - Our Live Chat Support

Our Live Chat is available 24h during the working week with 10 seconds average response time! If you want help with setting up the system for you, we do that too!

P.S. On Weekends they spend time with their families but respond to emails 2 times a day.

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